Hi, i'm Lucian and here I share my experiences, thoughts and opinions on life in the blue cloud. I'm a Cloud Solution Architect, specialising in Azure infrastructure, at Microsoft, in Sydney, Australia.

Clouduccino.com is now lucian.franghiu.com

Yeah... I changed the domain name

Its about 3 years since I started writing a blog. In that time, I’ve had a lot of ideas come to mind about directions to take this. In the end, it kept going back to what I originally wanted to do: to share my experiences working in tech; to pass on key things I’ve learnt the hard way.

In February of this year I had the intention of moving my blog from GoDaddy to Microsoft Azure. I wanted to host it where I spent most of my time and do what most tech people do with their own stuff: go deep and go to the excess. A long the way I realised I was not going to be very useful this year as there’s been a lot of external distraction that took every second of my spare time until last month. So, after about 7 months of delays, I circled round and came back to the idea of moving the blog. This time though, I realised that for me, Azure is a little too far out of my budget to leverage. Step in AWS.

While I was looking at Azure, Google Cloud and AWS, I wanted a hosting service that was easy to setup, easy on my wallet and allowed me the freedom to tinker (as I do) with the site itself. In the end, I chose AWS Lightsail, a low touch and streamlined AWS product that I liken to a streamlined Azure App Service with a few more bells and whistles, and for a nice low price.

Sorry GoDaddy, hosting in the US (where I’ve had the blog located) where performance and my own usage experience has not always been that smooth, means that an alternative was needed.

Now, as of today, I’ve got a 301 redirect from clouduccino.com to lucian.franghiu.com. Hurrah! This is the future. An easier to find blog with a streamlined name, but, an ever increasing amount of blogs.