Hi, i'm Lucian and here I share my experiences, thoughts and opinions on life in the blue cloud. I'm a Cloud Solution Architect, specialising in Azure infrastructure, at Microsoft, in Sydney, Australia.

Making an impact

From relative obscurity to helping a worldwide platform. Or, 15 seconds of fame

This is going to be relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, I’m going to bask in the glory and claim my 15 seconds of fame. Rather, I’m going to join the dots where likely there’s probably a very faint join to be made.

A month ago I wrote about Azure VNET gateway. Specifically I wrote about how it’s a little confusing what information was available around the different type’s of Azure VPN gateways and possibly some bugs in the Azure Preview Portal around the sizing options.

It’s been over a month since speaking with the Microsoft engineering team via the private Yammer community “Azure Advisors”. It’s a forum where consultants, professionals, experienced and not so much experienced end users of the Azure platform can engage with program managers, engineers and other community members to share experience and provide direct and meaningful feedback.

My 15 seconds of fame (you can laugh at that)

Within a month, more like two weeks to be exact, Microsoft team members updates the official documentation around what the gateway sizes and types are. The literature is less confusing and now all is easy to follow. My previous blog post needs to be amended (which I’ll do) and overall a positive outcome. Happy days.

For me, I’m going to draw the dots on that one. I don’t think its a coincidence that since my feedback the information has been amended. It’s silly, I know. However, it’s a small win and thats what I’m wanting to focus on.

Positive vs Negative

All to often when something happens thats negative, we stew on it. We remember that moment and we want to improve or have it never happen again. Think of a yearly review. Out of ten items, getting nine as exceeds expectations, while the 10th item is marked as needs improvement: what do we all focus on? The single negative aspect of the review. No one ever says to themselves: wow, I smashed nine out of ten review criteria. I’ve had a awesome year!

I’ve been doing some reading about focusing less on the negatives and enjoying the positive moments. Weighing them both up equally. It’s human nature to dwell on the negative. That ultimately, in my mind, leads to a continued negative focus. Life shouldn’t be about all things negative and making sure we never do anything negative. Balance is the key.

Final words

I’m going to take that minor victory and enjoy the rest of this Thursday (today) where nothing negative can dampen this feeling. If anyone wants a high five, come see me!