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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Masters

Updated: 2017-06-30

MFA is pretty great. Having worked on some implementations recently I’ve has some momentum where I’ve been invited to a, what Microsoft call, an MFA master class. This is a Yammer! group that Microsoft have started to help Azure Advisers and Identity Advisers further develop MFA skill-sets to assist their customers take better advantage of MFA when deploying Azure and Office 365 solutions.

The concept is fantastic and I feel humbled and honoured to be considered in this group to learn more about the inner workings of MFA and assist the engineer team in Redmond further develop new MFA features.

Just to put a quick brain dump out about this group: it’s in the early days and the process and feedback is being worked out. However the knowledge share and people involved looks really promising. To anyone reading this I’d like to say I’m going to put as much non-NDA content here as I can as I know anyone interested in MFA re Microsoft could take advantage of it.

If there’s any questions, use cases or technical hurdles that anyone is experiencing, shoot a comment over below and I’d be happy to pass that onto the MFA Masters group for feedback.

Nice and short, brain dump.