Hi, i'm Lucian and here I share my experiences, thoughts and opinions on life in the blue cloud. I'm a Cloud Solution Architect, specialising in Azure infrastructure, at Microsoft, in Sydney, Australia.

Wandering generality vs meaningful specific

The longer my career gets, the more specialised it’s become. Where I previously worked on anything from desktop administration, network administration, server administration, VDI, messaging, unified messaging and communications, data centre and everything in between and out between.

The title of this blog post is a quote I heard Seth Godin say on Tim Ferriss' podcast recently; which is a quote from Zig Ziglar. I’m a big fan of Seth and his books which I’ve had on Kindle and Audible for sometime, but, have not got around to finishing as yet.

The quote struck a cord in that its a deeper look at the generalist vs specialist debate. I’ve read numerous blogs and read journalistic pieces on each argument and even heard the topic on several podcasts. For the longest time I was on the path to speciality. Fine tuning what interests me in terms of technology in IT.

I’ve further narrowed down in the last 12-18 months to three core interests and the main topics of what I wanted this blog to be focused on: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon Web Services. But, is that narrowing it down? In any of the afore mentioned public clouds, there is such a large service pool that I’m not wondering if I’m being narrow enough or narrow at all.

What it boils down to for me is diversity. I like change, not for the sake of it, but rather, for progress and forward momentum. I’m constantly wanting to improve and gain a level up where possible. These four words have given me food for thought. I suppose that’s what meaningful quotes do. Inspire, intrigue and make you question things. I’ve certainly got more questions now.

It’s still early on in the year and there’s time to re-asses goals and objectives. Time is finite, so, utilising this resource as best as possible is key to succeeding in my mission.